Core Features


Stay on top of your everyday business transactions get a quick picture of your financial trends.

Cloud Base

Let your whole team sync and work on transactions at the same time. Back-up data automatically and securely.

BIR Forms

Oojeema prepares and generates the appropriate BIR forms needed for your business.

Real-Time Reports

Access and view reports that you need even when you’re out of the office.

Aging Reports

Effectively track invoices and easily determine those that need to be collected based on your required time-frame.

Inventory Tracking

Track your inventory efficiently by adding inventory items that needs to be in the invoicing process.

Auto Bank Reconciliation

Use your electronic bank statements and upload it to Oojeema to automatically reconcile balances.

Sales and Expense Tracking

Keep track of all your business transactions systematically, be it sales, purchases or billings.


Oojeema is an online, SaaS-based accounting software designed for expert accountants and the rest of us. Making your accounting system conveniently accessible, better managed and easily understood.


We collaboratively work with local accounting service providers such as accountants who have their own firms or accountants who offer accounting services to individuals and companies to bring you complete and end-to-end accounting solutions. With this partnership, Micro-Small-Medium business owners can take advantage of a wide-range of financial services not only for internal use but also for tax compliance.


Managing and keeping track of finances are important to any business. With small to medium enterprises, these tasks add to the everyday challenges of getting things done right. Now, imagine an affordable, efficient and easily accessible online accounting service provider that makes financial tracking and reporting easier for you.

As the first company in the Philippines to offer a complete online accounting management support system designed specifically for the local market, Oojeema will change the way local accounting practices are done with the goal of improving your overall business performance.

oojeema working accountant

Company Director of Operations Using Oojeema

Being a non-accountant, I didn’t think I’d be able to understand any accounting jargon or process ever. But Oojeema changed that. I can now oversee what happens in our company’s financials without me getting lost whatsoever.

Bea Salazar
Company Director of Operations
The Philippine's First Local Online Accounting Software

I Like that it’s very easy to use. It comes with a preformance Chart of Accounts depending on the business type and a list of accountants in their community, which makes it easy to set up from start all the way to hiring an accountant on project base.

Michael Uy
Small Business Owner
Accountant using Oojeema

User-friendly and secure. As a practicing accountant for a medium-sized company, I find these as the two crucial things to look for in an accounting software. Oojeema has both. I just hope that in their future updates, they will include audit trails.

Yam Perdon
Accounting Professional
Private Practice
The Philippine's First Local Online Accounting Software

With Oojeema, it has been easier for me to make all the accounting reports and BIR Forms just by filling in the sales and expenses. Oojeema makes your accounting system easier and more efficient to use. Just input the sales and expenses and Oojeema will handle the rest.

Lerma Gail B. Buctolan
Admin Assistant
Globiq BV Philippines, Inc